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Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists

In-Clinic & Telehealth
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Specializing in back & neck pain diagnosis & treatment

If you are a licensed health care practitioner, and wish to refer a patient,  please click on the button to access an online referral page now.

Fees for referred ACC patients are fully covered as from August 2019 i.e. there is no co-payment, provided the referral states that the referral is for "Specialist Physiotherapy Assessment"

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Dr Mark Laslett

Mark has over 50 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating painful musculoskeletal conditions. His special focus is on acute and chronic low back pain related conditions.

Mark is now retired from clinical practice, but continues to work on post graduate education internationally and clinical research. 

All new patient referrals will now be passed to Jo Kennedy who has taken over Mark's clinical practice.

Jo Kennedy

Jo was Mark Laslett's Musculoskeletal Registrar from June 2021 until April 2024. She was achieved Physiotherapy Specialist scope of practice with the New Zealand Physiotherapy Board in April 2024.

Jo has 18 years of clinical experience and completed her Masters degree with distinction in Advanced neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy from King's College, London  in 2013. 

Jo has taken over Mark Laslett's clinical practice from May 2024 and will see patients on referral in the same manner as Mark Laslett has done.


The Sports Clinic
156 Bealey Ave.,
Christchurch, 8014
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 3 660 660
EDI: sportcl

Advance Physiotherapy

The Caledonian Centre

8 Caledonian Rd,

(Cnr. Caledonian & Bealey),

Christchurch, 8014

New Zealand

Google Map Advance Physiotherapy Caledon
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Acute or chronic pain in the low back and buttock regions. Pain may be referred into the lower limb, and may even be the dominant complaint

Low Back Pain


Acute or chronic neck pain that may also refer pain into the shoulders, shoulder blades or upper limb

Neck Pain

lower limb pain.png

Problems in the lower limb may be muscular, tendinous or related to the hip, knee or ankle joints. Pain may be referred from the lumbar spine or sacroiliac joint into the lower limb and can be confusing. The clinical assessment aims to determine the cause and source of pain, so treatment may be better directed.

Lower Limb Pain

Shoulder and Upper Limb Pain

Shoulder and upper limb injuries that occur with or without injury

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All patients will be directed to a set of online forms to complete prior to the actual clinical consultation. The information gathered is secure and will save 20 minutes of consultation time, allowing for a longer more focused one-on-one attention. The questionnaires will take about 20 minutes to complete. A report is generated automatically and this is immediately available to Jo Kennedy

Online Pre-Assessment Questionnaire


One hour is allocated for one-on-one attention. A detailed clinical history is followed by a comprehensive physical examination. Generally a clinical diagnosis is achievable, but further assessment and other investigations may be needed in complex conditions. After the initial consultation, Jo Kennedy will write a detailed report  that goes to the referring health care practitioner, and the patient. A management plan is included, which may include treatment by Jo Kennedy, referral to other specialists, or referral back to existing care providers as needed

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