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Next week I will jump on a plane in Christchutch,

  • fly to Auckland (1.5 hours), transit time 2 hours, jump on a plane to Brisbane (3.6 hours), transit time 3.5 hours, jump on a plane for Dubai (14.5 hours).

  • Total travel time = 25 hours. I leave Christchurch at 2pm and arrive at 5am in Dubai the next morning. Jet lag!!!

  • Rest day!!!

  • Teaching Masterclass "Deconstructing Non-Specific Low Back Pain" February 18 & 19.

  • Travel to Cairo

  • Teaching Masterclass "Deconstructing Non-Specific Low Back Pain" February 22 & 23

  • Honorary Conference Chairman for 5th OMPT (Note: I am NOT a Professor!!)

  • Will catch up with good friends Hans van Helvoirt & old friend Jenny McConnell. Also meet Mahmoud Saad or Prime Physio UK who has so kindly arranged the Middle Eastern classes and invited me to speak at the conference.

(Orthopaedic Manual therapy Academy) conference at The Triump Luxury Hotel

  • Present first Keynote presentation on day 1, then chill out while others present their material for the next 2 days!!

  • Fly from Cairo - Warsaw February 27 (flight time 4 hours) and rest day 28th Feb

  • Teaching Masterclass "Deconstructing Non-Specific Low Back Pain" March 1-4

  • Fly Warsaw to Paris 5 February

  • I will get to meet course sponsor Rafał Krasicki who kindly invited me to teach in Poland for the first time.

  • Teaching Masterclass "Deconstructing Non-Specific Low Back Pain" March 6 & 7 March with Agence EBP. catching up with good friends and sponsors, especially Flavio Bonnet

  • March 8: Morning, doing promo video with Flavio Bonnet for the online courses in French, possibly also for Spanish courses. In the afternoon, catching up with another good friend, wild man JP Deneuville, who has recently completed his PhD. Talking research and data analysis, then out to dinner at his favourite restaurant... Yumm!!

  • March 9, fly Paris to Dubai (flight time 6 hours 40 mins) and ovenight & rest for the long haul back to Christchurch!

  • March 11 Fly Dubai - Chtistchurch - 16 hours!!!! Arrive Sunday 12 March

That's it!! Need 2 days de-jet lagging!

Will try to add images, video and commentary on the way!!

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